Welcome to 4th Trimester Care! We are the thrilled that you are interested in taking steps to ensure that your patients get the best proactive postpartum care. Licensed healthcare professionals will surround your patient to extend care beyond the hospital/office and into their home. Together as a team, we can help create a healing environment before their first postpartum check-in with you.

As the team lead, we appreciate you taking the time to share your contact information and communication preferences. We want to ensure that we can keep you informed about their appointments, send you visit notes, and have the means to contact you if a medical issue arises.

If you have any question while completing this form, please contact Erin Lombardo at 614-736-5089 or hello@4thtrimestercare.org.
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We want to respect your contact preferences, specifically if a medical issue is identified. Our care may include home visits, clinic visits, virtual visits, and phone call check-ins.
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